Build a direct and personal relationship with your audience while improving customer interaction with your brand.


Enjoy Instantaneous and cost effective communications and transactions with your customers on USSD.
Instantaneous, scalable and Mobile Friendly Enterprise Solution

  • 01 All Mobile Friendly

    USSD works on all phones both feature phones and smartphones. It requires just a dial pad and GSM network, so regardless of what kind of phone your customers use, they can connect to your business.

  • Since USSD serves as a self-service solution for your customers. It is easy to achieve customer satisfaction when you give them the ability to serve themselves.

  • It can be easily customized to make it ideal for all your business needs. The content can also be personalized and responses can be obtained in real time.

  • User can quickly see response on their phone screens and can make more requests hence allowing faster two-way communication and interaction that is seven times faster than SMS. It’s almost like talking to a person.

  • 05 Very Economical and Reduces Operating Cost

    A lot of business processes can be automated to save cost and improve user experience. USSD is extremely cost effective for businesses to implement and run, it is also free for subscribers to use.

  • People run out of data or do not have access to data services sometimes. USSD gives such persons the opportunity to still use an application on your system.

  • Seamlessly integrate into APIs and offer use cases that speaks to your customer needs. While you can choose to allow your customers pay per session on USSD, you can pay from your end and allow them to enjoy your service for free, which is the usual. This makes them amenable to USSD services

  • Message security is built into the Zigatext platform’s architecture, ensuring that conversations between business and customer remain private end-to-end.

Use Case

Financial Services

Financial institutions use USSD for Mobile banking.

Utility Services

It can be used to bill query and payment purposes. Users can purchase airtime, data, or request account balances

Paid Content Portal

USSD can be used to bill subscribers for accessing content such as education notes, news updates, sports highlights, weather forecasts.

Product Promotion

Business retailers can use USSD to communicate special offers on product and can send discount vouchers for next payment or purchases.

Competitions and Contests

Companies can create portals with entry pages, competition info, terms and conditions.

Votes, Surveys and Polls

Send surveys or questionnaires for cost-effective and reliable customer feedback in real time.