Advance Scheduler

Schedule text messages to send when you want, to whom you want, and how you want. Stay connected with your contacts and plan your schedule of sending important SMS seamlessly.


Keeping up with appointments won’t seem like such a herculean task anymore
Choose different scheduling options that adequately suit your needs.
Even after office hours or when offline, your customer engagement and satisfaction is guaranteed
Send your text messages at the ideal time with simple setup options.
Takes some weight off your shoulders and helps you focus on other important things.



Reminders and Appointment

Remind your customers and their scheduled appointments.


Marketing Campaigns

Pre-plan SMS marketing campaigns with ease. Our texting service will automatically send your messages at the scheduled time.


Deadline Notifications

Arrange recurring alerts to be sent to staff members immediately before a deadline.


  • Delivers SMS at Different Days and Time
  • Delivers SMS at Recurring Days and (or) Time
  • Delivers SMS at Recurring Days and at random time
  • Picks SMS from an SMS Collection for delivery
  • Picks Contacts from your Newsletter Lists
  • Add Composed Messages with an SMS Template