SMS NewsLetter

Give your customers “added value” in the form of interesting content, information, and valuable tips, as well as keeping them informed of sales and specials.



Ecommerce Newsletter

Promote new products from the store and announce seasonal promotional sales


Product/Company Update Newsletter

Encourage users to use new features in a product, improving brand perception and communicating any improvements that will benefit your customer..


Nonprofit Newsletter

Send updates on your organization, related stories and development related to your core mission, and upcoming events and promotions


Birthday messages

Be the first to send heartfelt birthday messages to your customers all year round.


Mass Alerts

Send time sensitive messages at scale to employees, customer, students, members etc


Instead of your customers to be in one contact list. You can group them into various lists and send them valuable contents on the go according to the newsletter list they belong to.
Reinforce a strong relationship with customers and build customer loyalty.
Integrating Zigatext into your website enables you to capture phone numbers and names from your website visitors and automatically subscribe them to a particular newsletter list for future follow ups and messages.
Make more money while you dish out valuable contents to your subscribers through our paid SMS newsletter.