Making Every Vote Count

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Increase brand awareness, gather valuable customer feedback, analyze purchase intent, and more. This is an excellent choice for any campaign that includes voting. It is especially suitable for elections in schools, groups or competitions. But is also a perfect pick for getting customer feedback on product or service offerings.

  • Quickly and easily collect a large number of votes
  • Automatically process the votes and sum up results
  • Track voting progress and results in real-time
  • Publish results in a visually appealing format
  • Configure automatic responses
  • Grow your contact list
  • It’s easy and convenient for your audience

Text to vote campaigns also allow your audience to text in to vote for things in order to determine a winner. This is perfect for things like mobile marketing campaigns.


Text to vote SMS are perfect for any kind of election be it in a school, religious body, group or organization

Product/Services preferences

You can use text to vote to get your customers/audiences to choose their preferred products or services.