ADS Campaign

Send free SMS. Step into the limelight. Increase awareness. Advertise your brand.
Send ads to your target audience even without having their phone numbers. Reach more potential customers beyond the scope of your locality with our ad campaign solution



Create Brand Awareness for a New Products


Drive sales of a product or services


For generating leads


  • Send free SMS to people
  • Make your brand more attractive
  • Less expensive to run
  • Reach more potential customers
  • Target people at a particular location


• Free SMS Sponsorship

  • As the SMS Sender

    You can request for free SMS which means your SMS will be sent for free but with a daily limit restriction.

  • As the Advertiser

    This requires you to sponsor SMS messages of individuals sending messages to your target audiences which will enable you to include your ad in the sponsored SMS upon delivery. The individual (free SMSer) must have requested for free SMS and must be within the scope of your projected target audience.

• Location Based

  • As the SMS Sender

    After making us of the free sms for a period of time, you will be prompted to include your location so as to continue enjoying the free SMS sponsorship

  • As the Advertiser

    after setting up the location of your target audience. Whenever the free SMSer wants to send a free SMS, the system checks if the location of the recipients (number) matches the location of your projected target audience before the SMS can be sponsored. The location must be within the scope of your projected target audience.