How Bulk SMS Can Help Small Businesses Grow

It's never been more important than now to reach out to your target audience on a continual basis. With small attention spans and a mass bombardment of advertising, the companies which don't reach out their perfect prospects often are likely to lose customers to competition.

Bulk SMS is one of the most affordable and practical ways to reach a large audience at once and in this article we'll cover all of the benefits it can bring to your business.


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Transactional Notifications

Notify customer on time about their purchases, shipping, OTP and other transactional notifications.



Send reminders to customers to remind them of scheduled appointments.


Promo Messages

Promote your services and products by sending promotional messages to already existing or potential clients.


Birthday messages

Be the first to send heartfelt birthday messages to your customers all year round.


Mass Alerts

Send time sensitive messages at scale to employees, customer, students, members etc


  • Personalizes/Customized Communication

    Reach customers through personalized text messages

  • Contact Management

    This solution make it easy to add contacts, import existing lists and scrub lists to ensure only active numbers are on it.

  • Automation and Scheduling

    You can use this tool to send out the same/different SMS messages or reminders on a regular or recurring basis, whether you are online or offline. Alternatively, you can use one of our ready-made SMS templates or build your own messages.

  • Survey and Polls

    Gather customer feedback with polls and surveys using our Extensible SMS tool.

  • Say More With Less Text

    Enrich communication with pictures, audios and videos to keep customers more engaged.

  • Create Links (URL)

    Create short links of your messages and share on different social media platforms or add them to your SMS Marketing Campaign.

  • SMS Newsletters Segmentation

    Create custom contact groups and send out targeted campaigns. Newsletters can be either free or paid. With premium SMS Newsletters, you may earn extra money from your subscribers.