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Regardless of how far technology has progressed to keep up with the times, audio remains a trustworthy technique to reach a wide range of people. Audio SMS is particularly efficient for target marketing because the audios may be sent to your clients in any language for easy comprehension. You can now transmit a 1-minute audio recording in addition to extra text content (in MP3).

Dive Frmiliarity

The key to using audio strategically is to use it often, consistently and in line with your audience’s tastes and habits. Use it to drive memorability and recognition in a crowded market-place.

Make an emotional connection

Making use of music in your audio SMS marketing is one of the quickest and most effective ways to reach out to a target demographic. It's as much about the emotional as it is about the rational in marketing.

Be Heard When You can’t be Seen

There are times when using your brand's visual identity in marketing communications is prohibited by a piece of brand text. If you create an audio identity that is inextricably related to your brand's visual identity and values, it will be able to exist on its own over time. With time, your audio branding will allow you to engage with your customers solely through sound.

Customize Each Messages

You can deliver messages to specific customers that are tailored to their needs. You can record, customize, and deliver a voice message to a specific customer or group of customers in a matter of seconds. You can also record the audio in their native tongue to make it easier to understand. In a matter of seconds, you can craft a powerful, personalized message that will help you connect with your consumers and encourage them to return to your business.

Stand out from Your Competitors

It's a noisy world out there, so use audio to differentiate your business. It's crucial to treat your brand's sound with the same care as its tone of voice and visual identity. Make your brand sound deliberate and exclusive to make your audience sit up and pay attention.

Promote an Event

You can promote your events, concerts or speaking engagements through Extensible audio SMS.

Inspire and Motivate

Do you work with large groups of individuals as a coach or mentor? Send out voice campaigns to those who rely on you for encouragement, motivating them ahead of the big game or corporate event.

Boost Political Campaign

Political calling gets a shot in the arm from voice broadcasting campaigns. Getting the word out about political candidates or local, state, or nationwide issues requires a personal touch for maximum effectiveness.

Publicize Contests and Giveaway

If you’re running a contest or giveaway and want to get the word out, mass audio messaging campaigns are the way to go. Communicating prizes, entry rules, and deadlines helps to stir up customer interest. When it’s time to announce the winner, shout it from the rooftops!

Announce Flash Sales

Promoting flash sales has never been easier with Extensible audio messaging. Whether you have online or in-store sales to communicate, having customers hear about deals on products they want to buy helps drive them to act. Add a keyword to use in-store for exclusive rewards to add incentive.

Conduct Marketing Surveys

Marketing surveys can be difficult to implement and even harder to gather responses to. Sending a spoken survey request can persuade customers to take a few moments to click on a link via text and participate.

Request Podcast and Blog Subscriptions

Do you have a new podcast to promote or an awesome blog that no one is reading? Share a snippet of your podcast or blog via audio, and ask customers to subscribe on your website.