Give Your Audience a Voice!

Get Started

SMS polls allow your business to branch questions into multiple directions based on responses received, and monitor your results to change your strategy when needed.

Track Result

Each voting option is segmented into its own distribution list for future targeted campaigns. With Extensible Poll SMS real-time reporting, you can instantly view voting results as they come in.


Polls can provide feedback on a consumer's favorite items, their customer experience, their preferred shopping patterns and more. This data, in turn, gives businesses a better understanding of which items to promote.

Give More Option

Ask a Poll question with up to ten different voting choices to give your audience a range of options. Extensible Poll SMS ensures that each mobile phone can only vote one time, keeping things fair and simple.

High Engagement Rate

Because SMS polls have a 98% open rate and require less time to complete than surveys do, they are more likely to be opened and read.

Gather Real Time Feedback

Businesses can get valuable real time feedback and capture data from their subscribers. This will give you the information needed to better target your customers and improve customer satisfaction.

Get More Subscribers

With proper disclosure, you can automatically collect mobile numbers to use in future campaigns.


If you are choosing among several promotions or can purchase only enough inventory for one product, remove the guesswork (and potential losses). Learn from the most important source by allowing your customers to decide for you. Ask which of several options they prefer, and base your decision on their responses.

Customer Experience

Customer service polls have always been an essential measurement tool for businesses, but gone are the days of asking customers to fill out paper questionnaires after their purchase. Nowadays, mobile polls can fill this need because they allow customers to respond at their convenience.

Customer Data Research

Not every poll must lead to an immediate or actionable decision; collecting customer data can be just as important in guiding future decisions regarding product offerings and promotions. These questions can be the same as those you would ask under typical voting measures. But rather than focusing on your product or service, ask customers about themselves. Learn their demographics, and measure them against their purchase history to better understand which areas of your business connect best with different audience segments.