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Send Bulk SMS to Russian Federation or use our SMS API to implement SMS notifications, OTP, reminders into your workflow and build apps that send SMS with our redundant SSL SMS API in Russian Federation or internationally.

Uses cases of SMS Mobile Marketing in Russian Federation


Transactional Notifications

Notify customer on time about their purchases, shipping, OTP and other transactional notifications.



Send reminders to customers to remind them of scheduled appointments.


Promo Messages

Promote your services and products by sending promotional messages to already existing or potential clients.


Birthday messages

Be the first to send heartfelt birthday messages to your customers all year round.


Mass Alerts

Send time sensitive messages at scale to employees, customer, students, members etc

Russian Federation SMS Mobile Marketing benefits

Boost your communication with this simple SMS service. Zigatext makes text messaging easy and effortless.
With our user friendly pay-as-you-go pricing module, you get quality services at very little cost.
Zigatext provides the messaging solutions you need that ensures fast and successful delivery to your customers at the right time.
Enjoy exceptional and quality user experience with our seamless, systematic, responsive and timely functions.
Receive an analyzed and detailed delivery report in real-time which enables you track and optimize your messaging.
Give your customers a voice. Get feed backs from your customers to improve customer journey through our Extensible SMS and personalized short codes.
SMS-enable key business applications, websites, and other systems with easy integration to your existing business systems.

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Use any programmable language to easily integrate various messaging and communication channels and modules into your business workflows.

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Over 92% of people in Russian Federation have mobile phones. SMS marketing is one of the best ways to reach out to them in a personal way.

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